After World War II, American railroads began to obtain boxcars from the major carbuilders that utilized some components of a new design.  Beginning in 1945, Standard Railway Equipment Company began supplying what it called the Improved Dreadnaught End (IDE.)  These end sheets differed from the previous Dreadnaught end, in production since the 1920’s, in that the small intermediate ribs were now joined across the end of the car, whereas the earlier design had only small corrugations at the corners, and the larger corrugations were of a new and larger shape.  The initial versions offered by SREC had 4 ribs on both the top and bottom sheets.  However on many cars, including all cars of 10’4” IH, the uppermost major rib was truncated at each eave.




Through the end of 1948, US production of 40’ IL, 10’4” and 10’6” IH single door box cars with the 4/4 IDE totaled some 34,125.  And additional 3,750 cars with this end were also later built in 1951-2 by the ATSF in their own shops, well after domestic production had ceased elsewhere.  North of the border, however, this end design remained in production much longer, and three Canadian roads acquired 35,121 cars with the 4/4 IDE with truncated top rib from 1947 to 1957.  Late in 1948, SREC also began offering the new Diagonal Panel Roof.  This roof was applied to the later ATSF cars and most 1949-57 Canadian production.

10’6” IH cars                           10’6” IH cars                           10’4” IH cars

with 4/4 IDE                            with truncated                       with truncated

                                                4/4 IDE                                    4/4 IDE


AA                       50                           CB&Q              2,755                        D&H                    25

AW&P                50                           CN                  16,310                        D&RGW           500

ATSF             6,750                          CP                  18,211                        ERIE             1,700

CIL                    500                          TH&B                 600                        IC                   1,500

CMO                 800                                                                                      P&WV              100

CNW              1,800

DT&S                   50

GA                       50

GM&O           1,420

GOC                    30

GTW                 500

ITC                    350

L&N               1,800

MKT                      1

NC&StL           500

NKP               1,000

NP                  2,000

NS                     250

NYC               5,000

RDG               1,500

RI                      500

SERX                  70               Note: Many cars in the list above do feature door size

SOU               1,000              variations, different side and sill construction and

SP&S                500              other unique features.  SRCC intends to offer many

UP                  3,000              of the parts required to model the full scope of this

WAB              1,525              diversity.

WofA                   50

WP                    250

The S scale versions


            At this time, SRCC is offering kits to build cars that featured the 4/4 IDE with full width or truncated top rib, a rectangular panel roof, 10 panel riveted sides with standard AAR “tabbed” side sills, and a range of different 6’ wide doors.  These specific features appeared on cars from 21 different railroads, with a total of 26,780 cars, or over 1/3 of the entire production.  CDS offers dry transfers for 9 of these railroads, and all 9 of those are available today in several door variations.  Feel free to ask us which of these may be most appropriate for your specific modeled era:




Pre-war Youngstown doors


Post-war 4/5/5 Improved Youngstown doors




AAR trucks, tilted herald


Nat B trucks, tilted herald


AAR trucks, level herald


Nat B trucks, level herald


AAR trucks, wet noodle herald


Nat B trucks, wet noodle herald


AAR trucks, wet noodle w/ wheat sheaf herald


Nat B trucks, wet noodle w/ wheat sheaf herald




Pre-war Youngstown doors, Apex running boards


Pre-war Youngstown doors, Gypsum running boards


7 panel Superior doors, Equipco hand brake


Post-war 4/5/5 Improved Youngstown doors




















Pre-war Youngstown doors and 8 rung ladders


7 panel Superior doors 8 rung ladders




7 panel Superior doors 8 rung ladders


Pre-war Youngstown doors and 8 rung ladders




Pre-war Youngstown doors, AAR trucks


Post-war 4/5/5 Improved Youngstown doors, AAR trucks


Post-war 4/5/5 Improved Youngstown doors, ASF A-3




7 panel Superior doors 8 rung ladders


7 panel Superior doors 8 rung ladders, repainted


Pre-war Youngstown doors and 8 rung ladders


Pre-war Youngstown doors and 8 rung ladders, repainted


            The Diagonal Panel roof used on later Canadian and ATSF production is already complete, and the welded seam 4/4 IDE used on CP and late CN cars is planned.  The unusual Alternate Center Rivet side construction used by the UP and a few other roads is in progress as well, and other components are being contemplated.  Please make SRCC aware of your desires and we might hurry that component along!



CBQ-001       Nos. 34600-34854               250 cars built by CB&Q 8/45

                        Nos. 29000-29499               500 cars built by CB&Q 1946

CBQ-002       Nos. 35000-36999               2,000 cars built by CB&Q 5/47

CIL-001         Nos. 1-100     , 201-250       150 cars built by PS 6/47

CIL-002         Nos. 251-300                        50 cars built by PS 6/47

CIL-003         Nos. 101-200                        100 cars built by PS 6/47

CIL-004         Nos. 301-500                        200 cars built by PS 6/47

CN-050          Nos. 522500-523999           1,500 cars built by CC&F 1-4/48

                        Nos. 524500-525799           1,300 cars built by ECC 10/47- 3/48

                        Nos. 526500-526699           200 cars built by CC&F 4-5/48

                        Nos. 527200-528199           1,000 cars built by CC&F 8-10/48

CN-051          Nos. 525800-526199           400 cars built by ECC 10/47- 3/48

                        Nos. 526200-526499           300 cars built by ECC 6-7/48

                        Nos. 526700-527199           500 cars built by CC&F 4-5/48

CN-052          same as CN-050

CN-053          same as CN-051

CN-054          same as CN-050

CN-055          same as CN-051

CN-056          same as CN-050

CN-057          same as CN-051

CNW-001      Nos. 142100-143698           800 cars built by GATC 10/46

CNW-002      Nos. 84300-85698               700 cars built by ACF 8/48

CNW-003      Nos. 85700-86298               300 cars built by ACF 8/48

DH-001          Nos. 17775-17799               25 cars built by ACF 9/46

DH-002          same as DH-001

DH-003          same as DH-001

DH-004          same as DH-001

ERIE-001     Nos. 82000-82249               250 cars built by ACF 10/45

ERIE-002     Nos. 82250-82499               250 cars built by ACF 10/45

ERIE-00      Nos. 82500-83199           700 cars built by ACF 7/46

NKP-001       Nos. 7000-7299                    300 cars built by RSC 9/45

NKP-002       Nos. 7300-7499                    200 cars built by RSC 10/45

NP-001          Nos. 29000-29499               500 cars built by PS 8/45

                        Nos. 25000-25999               1,000 cars built by NP 10/47

NP-002          Nos. 29500-29999               500 cars built by ACF 2/46

NYC-001       Nos. 162000-163999           2,000 cars built by DS 9/45

NYC-002       Nos. 164000-164999           1,000 cars built by DS 10/47

                        Nos. 166000-166999           1,000 cars built by ACF 5/48

NYC-003       Nos. 165000-165999           1,000 cars built by GSC 4/48

SP&S-001     Nos. 11000-11249               250 cars built by PS 5/46

SP&S-002     same as SP&S-001

SP&S-003     Nos. 11250-11499               250 cars built by PS 5/46

SP&S-004     same as SP&S-003



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