4/4 Improved Dreadnaught End
with Truncated Top Rib

In 1945, Standard Railway Equipment Manufacturing Company introduced its Improved Dreadnaught end (IDE) as a replacement for the earlier Dreadnaught end.  Box cars of 10'4" inside height and some 10'6" inside height cars received a version of this end that had 4 major corrugations in each of the top and bottom end sheets, with the uppermost rib truncated at each end.  This design was used extensively on postwar box cars, however in 1948, SREC modified the design.  Some 6,580 box cars were built for US railroads between 1945 and 1947 with the truncated 4/4 IDE, while the CN had an additional 5,700 cars built in 1948.  Two different polyurethane resin castings are included for the A and B ends of the car, as the prototype ends differed at the top corrugation in order to accommodate handbrake installation.  SRCC offers kits for the following roads that purchased cars with this end: CB&Q and CN.  D&RGW kits are forthcoming.


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