MORTON Running Board


Morton brake steps were shown as early as 1922 in the Car Builders Cyclopedia.  However, it was not until the ARA accepted metal running boards on a case-by-case basis in 1932 that this manufacturer’s item could have been put into use.  As car building in the early thirties came very close to a standstill, the Morton running board was not significantly used any earlier than the late 30’s, and even then was a less popular option.  Most installations were on postwar house cars after the AAR recommended “other than steel” in 1944.  This component features a styrene PRS Morton running board with polyurethane resin latitudinal extensions and brake step.  The modeler must supply roof handholds and end supports.  SRCC offers kits for the following roads that purchased cars with this running board: NP and SP&S.







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