During the first decade of the 20th century, hopper car technology began to coalesce around a design that included a car body of approximately 30', having twin hoppers and 7 exterior riveted pressed steel posts.  After purchasing many thousands of hopper cars built to earlier designs, the PRR also adopted such a pattern when they began to acquire their class GLa hoppers cars beginning in 1905.   Over 30,000 of the cars were added to their roster before construction ceased in 1911.   The cars continued in service on the PRR until the last one disappeared from the roster in 1981!

SRCC is not offering a kit per-se for the GLa.  Another modeler had offered cast urethane end sills in S scale, and here SRCC is offering an unlettered SHS USRA hopper car with PRR 2D-F8 trucks, SHS vertical staff brake wheel, urethane roping staples, brass sill steps, CDS lettering, and a sheet of car history and instructions on how to convert the car to create a model better representing the GLa.  The characteristic end sills are not included.   These cars featured Carmer coupler releases for much of their lives.  My SA-05 etched brass coupler releases, available separately, include the correct Carmer release for the cars in addition to 3 other styles.

NOTE: The car instructions will not be complete until I receive end sill castings myself and have time to complete a conversion.  Anyone ordering a PRR-001 before those instructions are complete will receive them via mail or email as soon as they are completed.

PRR-001GLa hopper, circle keystone lettering$45.00

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