5/5 Welded Dreadnaught End


The Canadian Pacific Railway acquired 9650 10' IH 1937 AAR Standard steel box cars between 1937 and 1946.  A unusual welded version of a Dreadnaught end with 5 corrugations in each sheet was used on all but 50 of these box cars.  The first cars, built from 1937 to 1940 had square corner posts, while the later cars, built from 1941 to 1946 had the later W corner post.  This polyurethane casting represents the second variation used on 3750 cars, and is used in kits CP-001 thru CP-004.


            EN-01 and the associated CP-00x series of kits were originally released over a decade ago and are currently unavailable.   If sufficient preorders are received, I will consider putting these back into production.








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