12 Panel 40' AAR Box Car Side

10'6" IH, Continuous Side Sill

In an effort to reduce tare weight, many railroads built cars using thinner box car sides made of high strength steel alloys.  However, car sides made of such material required additional stiffeners beyond that which was specified by the AAR Standard design.  This was reflected by the presence of 12 steel panels on a 40' carbody, rather than the 10 panels of a standard car.   This pair of polyurethane castings represent carsides for a 40' AAR box car with a 6 foot wide door opening and 106 IH.  A continuous side sill is featured, and it is devoid of rivet detail; modelers must add rivets and shape a tabbed side sill as may be appropriate for the chosen prototype.  Roads that used car sides such as these include: ATSF, C&EI, D&RGW, GN, and RI.   SRCC will shortly offer kits that will include this door for the following roads: ATSF, D&RGW.

SD-01-----------------------------------$20.00  Coming soon!

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