USRA Carmer Coupler Releases


A common feature of the USRA car designs produced in 1918-20 was the use of Carmer coupler releases. These levers are the correct equipment for 25,000 USRA 50 ton single-sheathed box cars, 24,500 USRA 40 ton double-sheathed box cars, 500 double-sheathed ventilated box cars based on the DS box car design, and 25,000 USRA 50 ton composite gondolas.  Additionally, many more cars were built to the same designs subsequent to the end of the USRA control, and some of these cars also were equipped with Carmer coupler releases.


Included in the package are 8 etched brass operating levers, 8 lift levers, and 8 styrene NBW moldings to equip 4 freight cars with Carmer releases.









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