Equipco Handbrake Wheel and Housing


The Equipment Specialties Division of the Union Asbestos and Rubber Company introduced the Equipco 3160 handbrake and E-312 wheel about 1931.  The E-369 handbrake wheel was introduced in 1935, and the design was somewhat modified in 1938.  A new Equipco mechanism and housing design, the E-3450, was offered beginning in 1940.  This design was superceded in 1950, although the later-style E-369 wheel remained in production until about 1957, at which time most manufacturers adopted a standardized AAR handbrake wheel design.  This product contains an SHS injection molded late-style Equipco E-369 wheel along with urethane 3160 and 3450 mechanisms and housings, therefore representing installations between 1938 and 1950.  Instructions are included to assist in modifying the brake wheel to better represent the E-312 (1931-35) and earlier E-369 wheels (1935-38.)


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