40’ Murphy Solid Steel (Flat Panel) Roof


Standard Railway Equipment Manufacturing Company introduced a new style of all steel roof in the late 1920’s, called the Murphy Solid Steel Roof.  The design, with improvements over the years, was by far the most common roof style from the 1930’s on.  The early version that this model represents was generally superceded in the early 1930’s by the Improved Solid Steel Roof, often refered to as a rectangular panel roof.  However, at least a couple roads continued to install this so-called flat panel roof until 1940.  SRCC offers a kit for the following road that purchased cars with this roof: CN.  This item is a polyurethane casting and is suitable as a direct replacement for a PRS styrene roof.


            RF-01 and t associated CN-00x series of kits were originally released over a decade ago and are currently unavailable.   If sufficient preorders are received, I will consider putting these back into production.






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