APEX/BLAW-KNOX Running Board


This etched brass running board represents a rectangular hole Apex or Blaw-Knox product, first offered ca.1938 and 1940, respectively.  It comes with a longitudinal running board sufficient for a 50’ house car, and two latitudinal extensions.  The running board scales out to 20 ” wide, while the extensions are 27 ” by 48”, and it is a scale 5/8” thick (1” on the prototype.)Holes for the roof handholds are located, but the modeler must supply the holds.  This component features 12 holes across, just as a prototype Blaw-Knox running board had.  However, this item comes in one continuous piece, while (at least) the Apex board came in 81” sections, with 7 of them centered on a 40’ car body, the end sections being shorter as required.  There is sufficient stock, for 40’ cars, to allow a modeler to section the board to better represent this aspect of the prototype, if one so desires.








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