Standard Railway Castings Company is a very small operation.   Many parts will be manufactured only when an order is received.   It is operated seasonally because I farm, and consequently, your order may be significantly delayed during the growing season.

If you would like to purchase any of the products shown on this web site, please consult the S&H table below, and mail check or money order, made out to Earl Tuson, to the address as shown.  Your check will not be cashed until just before the merchandise is shipped.  I do not accept credit cards.  If you would prefer to use Paypal, I request that you include sufficient funds to offset any fees charged to me.   Paypal "funds transfers" funded from a bank account or Paypal balance are not assesed fees.   U.S. origin payments from credit cards accounts are assessed 2.9% + $.30 fees.   International payments are subject to higher fees.  Send Paypal funds to srcc@redmansefarm.com  Feel free to email me anytime to check the status of an order.

Earl Tuson
5 Pittsfield Road
Loudon NH 03307

Shipping and Handling for US orders (subject to change):

Small parts (ends, doors, etc.)$3.50
Large parts (sides, roofs, conversion kits)$4.50
One kit$7.50
Two or more kits$10.00

Please contact SRCC for orders to be shipped outside of the USA.

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