2020 UPDATE: Older molds are getting unpacked and checked. New molds are being made for previously unreleased patterns. Parts are being inventoried. Prices will, regretfully, need to be reassessed and updated. Check back soon. Thank you.

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Standard Railway Castings Company is an S-scale-only manufacturer and vendor of freight car kits and detail parts for the prototype modeler, emphasizing the steam and transition eras.  Our products will be manufactured with the highest fidelity, utilizing the most appropriate manufacturing process and material.  It is also our intent to work closely with existing S manufacturers to build upon work that they have done in order to expand availability of the wide variety of freight car components that the prototype used, as shown by some of our projects, illustrated in the links above.  It is our hope that our very customers will also join in our efforts, by building the pattern work for that unique car that their favorite road depended on to move America's products.

For comments, suggestions, or to order, e-mail Earl Tuson at:

Updated 5/9/2020